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Short courses that can help to get a job in Australia

Finding your first job in Australia can be really challenging especially if you are new there. You have to struggle to find your first job.

However, there are few recommended short courses that can actually help you to land up in your first job in Australia.

In this article, we are going to talk about some short courses that you should take in order to increase the chances of getting your first job in Australia.

The couple of courses that I am going to recommend you guys are related to Construction industry.

The first course that I'm going to recommend you in Construction industry is known as a White Card. Also known as Green Card in some states.

As construction industry requires higher level of safety, you must have this card in order to work at a construction site. Basically, you will learn the skills and knowledge about how to be safe. which laws you need to follow and the things that you should be doing and not doing in order to be safe at the workplace. So, this course is specifically about your own health and safety. Now, this course usually lasts for one day and the cost of this course will be around $100 – $150.

The next course is a Traffic Controller training.

This course trains in how to control the traffic with the stop and slow sign. This course is specifically designed for the people who are going to work in the Construction Industry but their primary job is to stop and control the traffic at construction sites. It is another one day course and the cost of this will be around $150 – $250.

The next course that I am going to recommend you guys to undertake is a Barista course which is a Hospitality related course.

This course provides you with the skills in order to work in the cafe industry. As Australians love their coffee, so it is a very good chance that you can get a job in the cafe industry. Having this skill can be really great for you if you are looking for your first job. In this course, you are going to learn about how to make coffee and specifically about the coffee art that can help you to get a better job in the cafe industry. The course itself is usually around one day as well but it depends upon whether you are taking a basic or beginners course. If you are taking an advanced course, it can go up to two days and the cost for completing these courses will be around $100 – $200.

One last course that I would recommend you guys to take is the First Aid course.

If you specifically work in Health Industry, you may need to take this course as part of your course requirement and you need to complete this in order to do any health related jobs. The course itself usually teach about how to do the first aid, CPR and some other quick life saving activities you can address when you are at the work. This is another one day course and the cost will be around $100 – $150.

Now all the courses that I have just mentioned, they can be done online in certain states while other states may not approve it. So, I suggest you to check with the local authorities that allow to take an online training for the courses.

Now doing these courses does not guarantee that you will land a job for sure but this gives you a better chance to compete with other applicants when you are applying for the jobs as you have a better knowledge and skills than the other applicants.

Based on the experience, these courses can certainly help to improve the chances of getting you a job.

I hope you find this information about the short courses useful. 
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