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10 Reasons to choose Australia for Studies

The primary questions that come in the minds of many international students when comparing multiple options for study abroad include:

Why should I choose to study in Australia?

So, in this article we will be exploring the ten reasons why you should choose to study in Australia.

1. The first and the main reason is world-class education.

Over six hundred thousand students study every year in Australia and they choose to study in Australia because of the quality education as it adds massive value in the life of students helping them to launch their career anywhere in the world and these world-class institutions attract top professors and teachers from all around the globe. There are more than 1,200 education providers with more than 25,000 courses available for international students.

2. Second reason to choose Australia is that it is a beautiful country.

Australia has a beautiful landscape and attractions that appeal to everyone in the world including international students and when you are studying in Australia, you get to experience all these natural attractions, landscapes and other experiences when it comes to traveling in Australia. We promise that your bucket list will never be empty.

3. Third very important reason to study in Australia is its multicultural society.

Around one fourth of Australian population is born overseas making Australia as one of the most diverse countries in the world. Generally, people in Australia are very welcoming and when you’re studying there, you get to meet people from all around the world. So, expect to see people from different nationalities, races, religions and cultures.

4. The next reason is global recognition of Australian qualifications.

Australian universities are consistently ranked in the top 100 universities in the world and lots of employers and other institutions highly regard Australian qualifications. So, if you have an Australian qualification on your resume, it certainly helps you to achieve your career goal regardless of the country you are in.

5. The next one is innovation.

Australian universities are also known for their research and innovative teaching techniques. Whether it is science, technology or education, Australian universities provide a very comprehensive contribution to Australian innovations making Australia a very attractive destination for students who are planning to do their research work.

6. The opportunity for scholarships.

The Australian Government and many other private institutions and universities offer generous amounts of scholarships to international students. Last year itself, Australian government’s premier scholarship known as Australia Awards, gave away around three hundred five million dollars in scholarships to international students. Although, there are many factors that influence what type of scholarships you can get in Australia, but many international students can apply for different type of scholarships for studying in Australia. If you are planning to study in Australia, make sure to apply for any scholarship before applying for your student visa.

7. The world-class cities.

Whether you are planning to study in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide, all these cities are known for their livability, culture and the cost of living in these cities are much more affordable than most of the cities in the world as these cities consistently ranked among the top livable cities in the world. Obviously, you don’t want to miss out on any of the unique experience provided by these cities.

8. The opportunity to work while studying.

That is why many international students choose to study in Australia as you can also work full time hours during your school holidays. Many international students are usually eligible to apply for post study work visas after completing their degrees in Australia which gives students a chance to stay in Australia and get some work experience on their resume.

9. Attractive migration program.

After completing their studies in Australia, most of the international students love this country so much that they like to stay there for good. While the primary aim of the student visa is to study only but some international students become eligible to apply for permanent residents after their studies which makes Australia a very attractive destination to study for many international students as most of the people love Australian quality of life and the laid-back lifestyle.

10. The last but not the least reason is the student visa process.

Since Australian government introduced simplified student visa framework, it has become really easy for many international students to apply for student visa. This new process made it really easy so that you can apply your own visa online. So, it means that genuine students who are planning to study in Australia can apply for their visa in a pretty easy way.

Australia is a country which is a continent of opportunities especially for international students.

Which reason convinced you the most, we look forward to your answers in the comments below.

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